Ep. 43 - The hype behind WegovyListen now (31 min) | How medical weight loss could alter America's public health
Plus: Irish tunes for St. Patrick's day
Ep. 42 - CoN reform coming to NCListen now (31 min) | How soon can you open an ASC or operate an MRI?
Plus: Connecting IV pumps to MyChart and exceptions to indoor smoking laws
Ep. 41 - Breaking up hospital monopolies?Listen now (30 min) | Why one proposal in Indiana is a bad idea
Plus: Eating McDonald's to lose weight?
Ep. 40 - How to reform healthcare (Part 2)Listen now (22 min) | Sen. Bernie Sanders and saving Medicare

February 2023

Plus: More scrutiny for Medicare Advantage and changes in Atlantic Canada
Ep. 39 - How to reform healthcare (Part 1)Listen now (33 min) | The Commitment to America and Public Options
Plus: From the NFL to Harvard Medical School
Due to some scheduling conflicts, we do not have a new episode for you this week but you can still get your healthcare news fix by checking out some of…
Plus: An update on our neighbors to the north