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Ep. 38 - What the ruling on TMA 2 means for providers

Ep. 38 - What the ruling on TMA 2 means for providers

A comprehensive update on the No Surprises Act
HHS submits updated plan for reuniting migrant children with parents -  POLITICO

This week, Judge Jeremy Kernodle ruled against the Department of Health and Human Services (again) in a lawsuit surrounding the No Surprises Act. The Texas Medical Association and others were plaintiffs in the case and had previously taken the Biden Administration to court over HHS’ creation of the Interim Final Rule. Last year, Judge Kernodle ruled that HHS had not followed proper procedure and effectively tried to re-write the No Surprises Act with their Interim Final Rule.

In August 2022, HHS issued a new Final Rule that the Texas Medical Association alleged had the same intent and effect as the original Interim Final Rule. Judge Kernodle agreed.

Matthew and Ron break down the lawsuits and explain why this ruling is a win for doctors and providers.

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