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Ep. 35 - Dale Folwell and the NC State Health Plan

Ep. 35 - Dale Folwell and the NC State Health Plan

Context and analysis on what is coming next
Why North Carolina Treasurer Dale Folwell lost the battle over State Health  Plan - Triangle Business Journal

This week on the FLATLINING Podcast, Ron and Matthew spend the whole show breaking down the saga of Dale Folwell and the North Carolina State Health Plan. Since 2019, State Treasurer Folwell has sought to see and set the provider reimbursement rates for the self-funded health plan for state employees. The plan uses the BlueCross and BlueShield of North Carolina network. Last week, Treasurer Folwell announced the state health plan would be switching to Aetna.

Ron and Matthew break down:

  • Where this battle began

  • Why Folwell has a bone to pick with BCBS NC

  • What the change to Aetna (if it happens) will mean for providers


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Articles mentioned in this program:

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