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Ep. 28 - This is not an election episode
Ep. 28 - This is not an election episode

This week’s episode focuses on cybersecurity, healthcare business headlines, and hot takes on daylight savings time. Are hospitals doing everything they can to protect our personal health information? Should HIPPA be reformed? What does Walgreens Boots Alliance’s purchase of VillageMD mean for quality, access, and affordability? And are there health effects from Christmas music and daylight savings time?


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Articles mentioned in this week’s program:

Warner warns of cyberthreats to health care industry - Roll Call

Walgreens' VillageMD completes $8.9B deal to combine with Summit Health - Becker’s Hospital Review

Letter to HHS and DOL on Addressing Commercial Health Plan Challenges to Ensure Fair Coverage - American Hospital Association

Rejoice in the End of Daylight Saving Time - Katherine J. Wu in the Atlantic

Why daylight saving time is worse for your body than standard time - The Washington Post

Measurable health effects associated with the daylight saving time shift - NIH via PubMed.gov

Bah! Humbug! Why shops are already playing Christmas tunes - Sky News

FLATLINING from Fulcrum Strategies


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