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Ep. 26 - The rising costs of health insurance
Ep. 26 - The rising costs of health insurance

This week on the FLATLINING Podcast, Matthew and Ron discuss why health insurance premiums are going up. One study from the Willis Towers Watson organization, which surveyed health insurers, claims that costs are going up because of patients’ bad habits and providers recommending too many services. Matthew and Ron break down that claim and discuss the true reason behind premium hikes.

Plus, HHS is looking into new ways to crack down on poor-performing nursing homes, including pulling Medicare and Medicaid contracts. Is this the right approach and how much will that hurt a skilled nursing facility?

And the CDC has recommended that COVID-19 vaccines be part of the vaccine schedule for children. It has received some political pushback and Ron’s opinion of the recommendation might surprise you.

In the Final Thought, Matthew shares British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s ideas to reform the NHS.


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FLATLINING from Fulcrum Strategies


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