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Ep. 23 - Drugs
Ep. 23 - Drugs

This week, Ron and Matthew discuss new results from the Kaiser Family Foundation’s COVID-19 Vaccine Monitor. This time, some people aren’t sure about booster shots.

Then they discuss why the FDA is approving drugs like Aduhelm and Relyvrio. These new drugs are very expensive but not very effective. What is the point of approving drugs that don’t do much?

  • Where can I find more information on the COVID-19 booster shots?

  • How many people have been boosted for COVID-19?

  • Why are drugs so expensive?

  • Why won’t Medicare cover Aduhelm?

  • Should the definition of “medicine” and “healthcare” be expanded?

  • Should IVF and other fertility measures be covered by employer healthcare?

  • Why are there limited drugs for superbugs?


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