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Ep. 22 - Healthcare 101: The Independence of Physicians

Ep. 22 - Healthcare 101: The Independence of Physicians


Greetings to all of you who met us in Portland, Oregon at the ASCENT 2022 conference last week and welcome to the FLATLINING Podcast.

This week Ron and Matthew discuss one of the foundational principles of American medicine: physician independence. Plus, they’ll look at why it is so difficult to do political polling in 2022 and big news about America’s neighbor to the north.

They’ll take a look at these questions and more:

  • Do physicians make their own decisions?

  • Who influences physicians when making medical decisions?

  • Should there be more oversight of medical doctors?

  • Are the 2022 polls accurate?

  • Why isn’t polling accurate?

  • Do I still have to show vaccination status to enter Canada?


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Articles mentioned in this week’s program:

Doctors Must Be Free to Practice Medicine with Independence - Harvey Risch, MD, PhD via RealClear Health

Embedded Bias: How Medical Records Sow Discrimination - Kaiser Health News

FTC taking ‘second’ look at Amazon’s plans to buy iRobot, One Medical - WRAL Techwire

Pollsters fear they’re blowing it again in 2022 - POLITICO

The Polls Still Do Not Show A GOP Bounceback - FiveThrityEight

Crystal Ball 2022 Senate ratings - Center for Politics at the University of Virginia

Battle for Senate - RCP Projection - RealClear Politics

Canada is lifting all COVID-19 border and travel restrictions - The Detroit News

FLATLINING from Fulcrum Strategies
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