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Ep. 21 - Biden: "The pandemic is over"
Ep. 21 - Biden: "The pandemic is over"
President Joe Biden speaks to CBS News’ Scott Pelley at the 2022 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Michigan.

This week on the FLATLINING Podcast, Matthew and Ron take a look at some new COVID-19 predictions from the Mayo Clinic and President Joe Biden’s 60 Minutes interview from Sunday night. Plus, they discuss why some doctors accused of over-prescribing opioids are relying on the Supreme Court.

They’ll take a look at these questions:

  • Is the COVID-19 pandemic over?

  • What will happen with COVID-19 in the next few weeks?

  • Will hospitalizations and deaths go up or down?

  • Why is polio making a comeback?

  • What has the Supreme Court said about opioids?

  • Are doctors responsible for the opioid epidemic?

  • Should you cook chicken in NyQuil?


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Articles mentioned in this week’s program:

U.S. COVID-19 map: What do the trends mean for you? - Mayo Clinic

Biden says COVID-19 pandemic is "over" in U.S. - CBS News

Polio is exploiting a very human weakness - Katherine J. Wu in The Atlantic

Create Choices to Address the Opioid Crisis and Protect More Americans - Jennifer Weiss-Burke and David Burke in RealClear Health

Doctors Rush to Use Supreme Court Ruling to Escape Opioid Charges - Kaiser Health News

Chicken Cooked in NyQuil? Help Kids Steer Clear of Social Media 'Medicine Challenges' - US News and World Report

FLATLINING from Fulcrum Strategies


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