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Ep. 19 - You are entering the "fact-free zone" (and other headlines)
Ep. 19 - You are entering the "fact-free zone" (and other headlines)

As Paul Keckley, Ph.D. explains in his newsletter, healthcare is a “fact-free zone” politics. Listen on to learn more.

This week on the FLATLINING Podcast, Matthew and Ron discuss a number of healthcare-related headlines, including:

  • The FTC probes Amazon.com’s (AMZN 0.00%↑) bid to buy One Medical (ONEM 0.00%↑)

  • North Carolina debates Medicaid expansion

  • Where do Democrats and Republicans stand on healthcare going into the midterms?

  • Paul Keckley, Ph.D.: “Healthcare is increasingly a fact-free zone for politicians seeking votes. The reasons are simple.”

Plus, a city in Ohio is exploring the possibility of forgiving its resident’s medical debt.


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Articles mentioned in this week’s program:

FTC Investigating Amazon Deal to Buy One Medical Network of Health Clinics - The Wall Street Journal

Is N.C. expanding Medicaid? What you need to know about where it stands in the legislature - Spectrum News 1

Centene agrees to settle with Washington and Washington (part of the Friday Pulse Check) - Matthew Handley at FLATLINING.net

What's Driving Biden's Approval Rating Up? - FiveThirtyEight

In campaign 2022, Healthcare voters will matter more - Paul Keckley, PhD

Toledo City Council ordinance could eliminate medical debt for around 25,000 Toledoans - 13 Action News (WTGV-TV Toledo)

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