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Ep. 16 - BCBS Mississippi Sues for Defamation (and other payor headlines)
Ep. 16 - BCBS Mississippi Sues for Defamation (and other payor headlines)
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This week on the FLATLINING Podcast, Matthew and Ron discuss recent payor headlines. First, we all know the insurance companies make a lot of money and now that their 2022 Quarter 2 earnings reports are out, we take a look at how it affects providers and patients and what is says about the economy. In this episode we discuss Elevance (formerly Anthem) (ELV 0.00%↑), UnitedHealthcare (UNH 0.00%↑), Cigna (CI 0.00%↑), Centene (CNC 0.00%↑), and Kaiser Permenante. We excluded Aetna because it is difficult to extrapolate their earnings because it falls under the retail giant CVS Health (CVS 0.00%↑).

Then, Matthew and Ron briefly discuss why MaineHealth would drop BlueCross BlueShield of Maine in favor of Aetna for their hospital employees.

Finally, BlueCross BlueShield of Mississippi (BCBS MS) has filed a defamation suit against several hospital executives of the University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMMC). UMMC recently terminated its contract with BCBS MS after they couldn’t reach an agreement for a new contract. Following that termination, UMMC began an advertising and social media campaign against BCBS MS. BCBS MS, in turn, is saying it is false and defamatory. We take a look at how this changes the negotiation game for providers and payors and whether or not BCBS MS can win its lawsuit.

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