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Ep. 15 - "Definitely not:" COVID-19 vaccination and drug price negotiation
Ep. 15 - "Definitely not:" COVID-19 vaccination and drug price negotiation
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On the FLATLINING Podcast this week, Matthew and Ron take a look at the newest data on opinions about COVID-19 vaccination for young children. More than four in ten parents say they will “definitely not” vaccinate their young child and nearly three in ten say they won’t be able to get the vaccine for their child from a place they trust. We break down the numbers.

Medicare drug price negotiation continues to be pushed through Congress, this time making its way into a reconciliation bill. It eliminates some co-insurance and caps some out-of-pocket spending. It also allows the Department of Health and Human Services to negotiate for a maximum of twenty drugs. Does this bill actually do what the Democrats claim or will this be the end of a free market economy as some Republicans claim? Or both? Or neither?

And in a Final Note: Even more surprising numbers show how few parents have actually talked to their child’s pediatrician about COVID-19 vaccines.


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