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Ep. 14 - The Colorado Option
Ep. 14 - The Colorado Option
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This week on the FLATLINING Podcast, Matthew and Ron discuss the recent proposal for the 2023 Medicare fee schedule. Analysis of that proposal shows a 4.4% cut across the board for doctors in all specialties, but there is a good reason not to worry.

Plus, with the “public option” going nowhere in Washington, some states have taken matters into their own hands. One of those states is Colorado and they created a mechanism that will force premiums down. Sneak peek: It is not good for providers and hospitals.

Finally, a new report exposed flaws in the Christian healthshare ministry, Solidarity Healthshare. Ron and Matthew discuss the benefits and consequences of healthshares and what may need to be done to keep them in play in the United States’ complex healthcare system.


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FLATLINING from Fulcrum Strategies


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